Wood as material is deeply rooted in the human civilisation. It is used raw or refined across continents and throughout cultural layers as a basic and natural resource. Wood is in our cultural DNA, it connects us with nature, with our heritage and leads the way to a sustainable future.


The finest ash

With an impressive almost 40 meter height, Ash trees can grow tall, strong and beautiful. Like all other living organisms they depend on the surrounding conditions and develop according to these. Ash wood has excellent strength and a beautiful, vibrant structure.



A slow material

High quality wood is made by nature. It cannot be forced and needs time to grow with beauty and natural strength. It responds to its surroundings and captures the signs of time to become a solid proof of history. We love wood as the unique and giving material it is, and we put an honor in refining it for human use before it one day shall return to nature.



The Hirata Gen Collection is made in perfect balance between traditional handcrafted techniques and modern technology. Man and machine in synergy adding the best from both in a high quality, long lasting and sustainable furniture.

古くから伝わる職人の腕と最先端の機械技術を組み合わせることで、伝統と現代の文化による相乗効果を生み出すことができます。Hirata Gen Collectionのサスティナブルで永く使い続けられる高品質な家具は、この2つの高い技術が掛け合わさることによって実現しています。



The solid wood is in natural balance accompanied with a small range of pure textiles and leathers. By proposing all natural materials free from unnecessary chemicals and additives, we wish to show the beauty of nature and inspire users to an all natural choice.


Surface treatments

Wood itself is obviously strong enough to stand both time and use as furniture. To protect the natural surface, ease daily care and nurture the precious material, we use natural soap finish as standard surface finish. This treatment is natural and completely toxic free.


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