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Danish/Japanese design traditionally handcrafted in Japan using natural and pure materials. The word ”gen” is in Danish singular for “gene” and in Japanese the word for “origin”. It is as such and in one word emphasizing the essence of our new brand; The Hirata Gen Collection.

Hirata Gen Collectionは、クラシックなデンマークと日本のデザインを融合させ、環境に優しい自然素材を厳選した上で日本の職人が一つ一つ丁寧に作り上げている家具ブランドです。「gen」という言葉は、デンマーク語で「gene」(遺伝子)、日本語で「origin」(根源)を意味しており、この共通した一言がこの新しいブランドの本質を象徴しています。

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We have chosen to introduce the collection in natural materials – solid wood, pure uncolored wool, canvas textiles and natural tanned leather and with this to inspire and showcase a sustainable choice. Welcome to a collection of form and functionality – designed and manufactured to last, to meet the human body, activity and to interact with architecture and interior space.


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The Hirata Gen Collection is made in perfect balance between traditional handcrafted techniques and modern technology. Man and machine in synergy adding the best from both in a high quality, long lasting and sustainable furniture.

古くから伝わる職人の腕と最先端の機械技術を組み合わせることで、伝統と現代の文化による相乗効果を生み出すことができます。Hirata Gen Collectionのサスティナブルで永く使い続けられる高品質な家具は、この2つの高い技術が掛け合わさることによって実現しています。

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Our vision

This first collection is the beginning of a long lasting partnership and constant evolving series of furniture and products. We have actively chosen each other as creative partners around the Hirata Gen Collection and aim to work together to inspire, support and develop while constantly raising the bar towards an always higher quality in everything we do.

Hirata Gen Collectionは、このブランドの元に集ったデザイナーと開発や製造に関わるスタッフすべてが共創し、常に高いクオリティの家具づくりを追求していきます。ファーストコレクションは、私たちにとってこの共創関係の第一歩であり、永きにわたってより良いものづくりを真摯に取り組み続けること目指します。

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The HGC collection is realised through a dedicated collaboration between the craftsmen of Japanese furniture maker Hirata, Danish architect Lars Vejen and Japanese designer Taijiro Ishiko. Together the designers are named studioA27 and work across borders using their individual backgrounds and mutual fascination of each other's cultural and design heritage.
With this collection we wish to introduce the result of a dedicated, interdisciplinary collaboration and a shared passion for functional, classic furniture in long lasting quality.


118-2 Oaza Tokudomi, 
Morodomi-machi, Saga,

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